Sofitel Hotel ICC


Lendlease / Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority


$360 million


SCP Consulting undertook the structural design of the 38 storey hotel for Lendlease in collaboration with Lendlease Design Group. The ICC Hotel is the newest and tallest hotel, and a centre piece of the ICC Sydney Precinct.


  • The hotel is constructed over a structure, which is below the tidal basement to water level. This requires specific construction detailing to ensure water tightness and durability, whilst allowing pile settlements.
  • Cantilevered core structure with flat plate floors. This ensures minimal building height and façade area.
  • Column free ballroom and pool suspended on upper floor levels.
  • Cantilevered slab edges and corners ensuring no column visual impacts at the façade.
  • Wind tunnel testing and dynamic wind analysis to ensure occupancy comfort.
  • High level of detailing to co-ordinate the interface between structural floor slabs and building façade.
  • Pile settlement sensitivity analysis undertaken to save 25% of piling cost.
  • Extensive column shortening analysis undertaken to ensure all floors poured at the correct level and horizontal.
  • Detailed transfer structure and value engineering undertaken to allow complete building transfer over the Sydney water stormwater drainage culvert.