Peter Trickett

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Structural), Structural Diploma in Technology, M.I.E. Aust CP Eng NER

Peter Trickett is a Director of SCP Consulting Pty Ltd with 35 years of consulting experience. He is a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia and a registered Chartered Professional Engineer.

Since graduation, he has progressively gained experience in the design of a variety of building types, essential for a consultancy offering specialist structural services. These buildings include large commercial developments, industrial projects involving conventional warehousing through to heavy processing using overhead cranes.

Other projects include club and recreational facilities, infrastructure and heavy duty pavements. Currently, he is responsible for the concept design of most of the firms projects and subsequent delegation of design and site supervision duties.

Particular emphasis is placed on achieving functional and economic engineering solutions with attention to buildability and construction details. He is the Managing Director, responsible for the office marketing, financial and strategic planning.

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